Big Knob Pedals Appetite For Distortion - JCM800 Emulation


Big Knob Pedals

Comes as close to nailing Slash's JCM800 'Appetite' sound as any Marshall-in-a-box pedal made.

Turn down the gain a bit and you'll find it also does a fairly authentic Plexi as well. If you've a Fender or some other amp that happens to be miles away from a Marshall sound but every so often have a real appetite to kick in with a version of Sweet Child - look no further.

Appetite for Distortion features:

  • Realistic JCM800 distortion emulation
  • Compact, pedalboard friendly size
  • Accepts standard 9volt adaptor
  • 100% analogue,no digital components used
  • True 3PDT bypass switching with bright LED
  • Proudly handmade in the UK
  • Full Lifetime warranty

Note: Because of its compact size (MXR-sized) and the amount of hand-wired components inside, there is currently no 9v battery operation available for this model, just the standard 9v socket for regular pedal power supply.

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