Big John Dirty Sandwich - True Bypass Looper & Boost/Drive


Big John press release

Sneek, The Netherlands, December 11, 2013 - Dutch bassplayer and luthier Arnoud Faber has been working with Belgian musician and effects designer Jan Detremerie to move Big John Music from Belgium to The Netherlands, as Jan is getting busier with his career as a professional musician. Arnoud continues to build the hand-wired, point-to-point soldered boutique-effects, to the same exact specifications.

BIG JOHN's new pedal: The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife for Musicians!

The Big John Dirty Sandwich is a True Bypass Effect Looper with a load of useful extra's.

Like all Big John effects, it has not only unique great analog sound, great quality and a catchy name... It also has superb functionality for the working musican, guitarplayers, bassplayers, other instrumentalists and sound-technicians. Even vocalists and recording engineers can put it to very good use!

Functions are:

  • Switchable True Bypass Effects Loop
  • Volume Control for the Loop (after the FX-return signal)
  • Switchable Independent Clean Booster
  • Adjustable Drive (from just a sweet edge to full distortion)
  • Power Distribution for your other pedals
  • Usable as an A / B-switch with full volume controls

This stompbox is designed for guitar as well as for bass guitar and synth, and also Vocalists, Bluesharp players, Sound Engineers will love to have it in their signal chain!

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