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This is the Phat AXX Overdrive. This pedal is based on the classic Tubescreamer design, but with some major improvements in tone. The sound is very rich, smooth and focused, with excellent string definition. This pedal offers a Cream/Crunch switch which changes the tone from dark and smooth to brighter and more aggressive. A Bass Boost switch adds more bottom end to help it match up to your rig, or if you just want a heavier tone. Wide range on the Gain control goes from a clean boost, to a medium-high gain distortion.


When you think of creamy overdrive tones, what pops in your head? When we think of creamy, we hear Eric Johnson licks in our heads, so we wanted to try to recreate that creamy, buttery tone of his in one pedal! Dubbed the "Phat Axx" Overdrive, it has received tons of positive comments from all who've tried it so far!

The switches are a bass boost switch, and a mid-presence boost switch. There is a volume and gain knobs, and a tone knob that acts as more of a 'presence' control than a traditional tone control like most overdrives have. Completely true bypass, of course, and includes a 9v "boss style" power jack.


  • All diamond plate enclosure - custom built by hand in our shop!
  • Add another circuit with the phat axx overdrive (as shown below) (email for cost)
  • Inexpensive version available -same circuit, plain enclosure

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