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The Bedlam Drive embodies its name to the fullest. It can be a very dynamic low gain overdrive, but also a ripping distortion bordering on fuzz. In the LO setting it responds very well to dynamic and is perfect to give a bit of grit to the signal. The HI setting add more signal to to the front end of the pedal and allows for more distorted and compressed distortion. The three band eq allows for a lot of tonal variation, and has a fixed semi-parametric MID band. Whether you are looking to push a tube amp, distort a bass, or rip through a clean amp, this pedal has the capability to do it all.


  • Volume - controls the output of the overdrive
  • Mids - boosts or cuts mid frequencies
  • Gain - controls the amount of clipping distortion
  • Bass - boosts or cuts bass frequencies: 40 - 120Hz
  • Treble - boost or cuts high frequencies: 4 - 10KHz
  • Switch - (////) cuts distorted bass frequencies
  • Switch - (IV) adjust MIDS center frequencies: 400Hz - 700Hz - 1.1KHz
  • Switch - (I) changes the hard clipping diodes

Pedal can be run from 9v to 18v (Boss center negative)

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