Bigfoot Engineering Octo Puss Prime - Octave Fuzz


Bigfoot Engineering

Bigfoot Octo Puss Prime Our guitar fuzz octave pedal is inspired by the boisterous guitar sounds of Jack White (The White Stripes/The Raconteurs).

The Octo Puss Prime has the widest frequency response of any fuzz octave pedal in the world, making this the only choice for formidable rhythm sounds. It has the unique ability to process chords at any setting, from soft clipping to infinite sustain. Equally impressive at delivering searing hot lead tones, this is not your domestic octave.

“Delivering a raucous, ripping, harmonically rich fuzz on the low strings that will make you want to keep riffing all day long. Don’t think you need an extra octave? Then this pedal could make you think again. It’s surprisingly versatile whether you aspire to be Jack (White), Jimi, or just yourself.”Guitarist magazine

Powered by a 9vDC adapter (not included) or 9v PP3 battery.

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