Bigfoot F.X. Spaghetti Western Fuzz


Bigfoot F.X.

The Spaghetti Western Fuzz pedal has been very carefully tuned to get maximum buzz and honk which is very reminiscent of the 1960's era pop music, surf music, and spaghetti western sound tracks. So it is not your typical fuzzface or bigmuff types. Those are smooth sounding fuzz effects with a totally different feel and tone. It's closer to the sound of the earlier fuzzes like the fuzzrite, companion fuzz, and others. The effect sounds best with single coils.

There are two controls, volume and fuzz. The fuzz control is not just a gain knob. It also changes between types of fuzz. At minimum (7:00) achieves a very honky, horn-like fuzz tone. Listen to clip 4 below. At maximum there is more gain and buzz. Turning the knob all the way to 5:00 is as buzzy as an angry bee! On clip 1 the knob was turned to about 3:00 and the guitar volume to about 9.5. Much of the overall gain can be controlled by lowering your guitar volume slightly. The sound gets interesting when turning the knob to about 11:00-11:30. This is where you can hear an upper octave effect. Especially when using the neck pickup and playing high up on the neck. Listen to clip 3. Also, you can hear that the transistors have been biased perfectly. No blatty, gated fuzz here. on clips 2 & 5 the fuzz knob has been placed to 2:00.

The circuit is all analog and true-bypass. High quality components used. Much care is taken to make sure each unit sounds consistently the same. The finish is a powder-coat plus baked on logo/print. It can be powered by a 9V battery or 9V+ adapter. The power jack's center is negative and is the typical barrel size. (Adapter not included). 2 year warranty.

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