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Big Bite Fx

The Big Bite, the first in hopefully a long line of our effects, this little beauty, can take you from light boost, hints of blues all the way through to searing lead and thrash metal, it does this using our “Bite” giving a range of sounds that most pedals could only ever hope to achieve.


  • 2 channels so you can change your sound when you want to live, this gives you a great range of rhythm and lead sounds.
  • A slanted case design meaning it’s a doddle to change channel when you need it most.
  • Bi colour LED’s for each channel make it easy to see exactly what’s happening when you need it most.
  • 4 controls Boost, Tone, Gain, and Bite, this gives possibly the widest range of sounds possible for a distortion/driver/boost pedal.
  • Great harmonic response tailored from light to hard dynamics and throughout the entire tonal range.


  • Twin Pedal for more options when you need it!
  • Runs off either a pp3 battery or an optional mains power supply.
  • Looks awesome (even if we do say so ourselves)!
  • Built like a tank, you would have to try rather hard to break it.
  • It’s 170x130x60mm and it weights about a kilo.


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