Bernell Steak Sauce - Bass Additive Overdrive


Most overdrive pedals don't work well for bass because they filter out the lowest frequencies to improve smoothness. The Steak Sauce eliminates that problem by adding the OD signal back into your original signal in an easy to use, two-knob configuration, no more loss of tone!!! Go for a lightly pushed tube amp to crazy distortion, or anywhere in between!!! All without loosing the bottom end!

The Steak Sauce is available in two flavors: Mild (utilizing the classic 741 IC for smoother overtones) and Spicy (Utilizing the TLO71 for brighter overtones). 

All are true bypass, hand built in the USA and hand signed. 

The Steak Sauce Lists for $199, direct orders are $149 plus $9 for S&H.  The Steak Sauce requires a 9VDC standard pedal power supply (tip negative)

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