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18 months… It took us 18 months to find THE perfect prototype! Before that there was always something we didn't like. We couldn't manage to get a great boost pairing well together with a buffer unit, small in size, with enough dynamic range, all in the same pedal. At some point we almost decided to stop our tests.

Jim who's in charge of gear designing, demonstrator and also Steve Lukather's guitar-tech finally took a look at the project and tackled it head-on! And there it was. The ‘Light My Fire' pedal was born. One day he told us he had integrated the pedal in Jean Fontanille's pedalboard (famous French guitarist) and that this boost/buffer was killer.

And we are proud of this pedal because beyond its apparent simplicity, it was a really tough task to accomplish. The name ‘Light My Fire' is for sure a reference to the Doors but it also symbolizes our ideal boost pedal, a pedal to light the fire, flare up the sound!

Here are the Light My Fire's specs:

  • Dual boost-buffer unit with 4 combinations :

  1. Boost=OFF and Buffer=OFF | The pedal is absolutely true bypass ;)

  2. Boost=ON and Buffer=OFF | We only engage the boost without the buffer stage.

  3. Boost=ON et Buffer=ON | We engage both the boost and buffer stages.

  4. Boost=OFF et Buffer=ON | Only the buffer stage is engaged.

  • The boost unit offers a… +24 dB dynamic boost! As a bonus, you can bring some overdrive tone on the end of the potentiometer. The main footswitch engages/disengages the boost stage. The red LED visually shows when turned on.

  • The buffer stage helps solving pedals incompatibility in pedalboards (wah and fuzz pedals for example). It is absolutely transparent! You don't hear anything, any loss in your guitar signal. We had to add a red LED so we can be sure it's actually engaged!
    The buffer stage also has another function: he also solves guitar signal losses when using long guitar cables. We can then preserve the integrity of our guitar signal… A toggle switch with the red LED controls the buffer ON/OFF.

  • Power supply : simple 9V battery or Boss-type power supply. – We use a small Hammond enclosure. In our opinion Hammond makes the best enclosures on the planet.

  • The raw aspect of the enclosure highlights the visual identity of the pedal drawn by French illustrator Sandra Violeau.

Last but not least, the price! Do you think this kind of hi-end handwired pedal with a smart design would be affordable? The Light my Fire boost will be available from all Benrod Electro dealers and on the Benrod website from June, 1st, 2012 and will be priced at… $140.

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