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Ben Rod Electro

The Goldbender: Clean Boost, Overdrive, Distortion or Tonebender ? Not really, but it's a bit of everything at the same time...

At Benrod's we spent a long time searching out how to really "bend" an amplifier's tone, and give it a really big in your face sound, while maintaining a great level of bass frequencies. We acquired, tested and studied several vintage pedals : tonebenders, fuzz-faces (including a very old and rare Arbiter-England Fuzz Face...). We also tried out some rare vintage distortion pedals in a live situation. After numerous attempts and brainstorming sessions, the first Goldbender prototype landed and believe us, it didn't stay very long at our workshop ! This pedal has since been writing a great story for itself, and has done a lot of travelling. It is now an integral part of famous French guitarists' pedalboards such as MeLL, Seb Hoog, Sebastien Chouard, Fiti (the guitarist for Cafetera Roja)...

The Goldbender or "how to push your amp to its limits". It has tons of personality and we are proud of it! The Gold pot allows you to progressively add 'edge' to the Goldbender's tone. And Last but not least : the level pot has a huge range...

Technical specs:

  • 3 controls : DRIVE, LEVEL, GOLD
  • Guitar input & Amplifier output
  • True bypass
  • Mogami wiring
  • 9V battery (included) or BOSS® type power supply

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