Bruce Bennett Music Labs Lowball


  • Sensitivity
    controls the input volume.
  • Boost
    when switched on, there's a 15dB boost.
  • Octave Off
    turns off the octave divider (but not completely)
  • Output
    controls the output volume


Bruce Bennett Music Labs (2004)

Octave distortion of IMMENSE POWER!

Nasty! Glitchy! LOUD! almost uncontrollable!

Oh and did I mention it seems to LIKE BASSES!!!

Seriously, When I started out to build a vicious octaver, I had no idea I was about to make the best sounding low tuned guitar/baritone/bass pedal ever!

Crank up your favorite dropped "C" tuned power metal sound and you won't believe what this thing will do.. It loves chords! PLUS it has tons of EXTRA boost!

Your 7 string will LOVE this unit!

Bruce Bennett Music Labs (2006)

Less than 50 of these were ever made, and they were almost too powerful to use. but if you liked playing with low tunings and wanted that deep heavy distortion.. then this is your pedal.

Bass players seem to like them as well.

These sold for 159.00 originally.

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