Bruce Bennett Music Labs Insane Gain


Bruce Bennett Music Labs (2004)

3 channel Clean booster with cascading stages.

The easiest way to describe this pedal is, it's 3 EH LPB1s* in a row.

EXCEPT! It's true bypass between stages.

The output of each stage dumps into the next channel creating more gain as it goes! By the time it gets to the last output... you have INSANE GAIN!!!

The last channel has a master volume so you can tame this unruly beast... at least for a little while.

Bruce Bennett Music Labs (2006)

There were 100 of these made and they had two different colors, the earliest ones were pure gloss black while the later ones were a Black metallic.

These sold for 189.00 originally and had more gain than a person should be able to use.

Mesa Boogie owners liked them.

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