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OohLaLa Manufacturing

Ooh La La Manufacturing has just released their first, Bruce Bennett designed, effect pedal. The Brown Sound has big power amp distortion with a bit of fuzz thrown in. The overdriven Marshall sound, a-la "Foxy Lady"and other classic tones is what you will get with OohLaLa's Brown Sound.

Bruce Bennett Music Labs (2004)

EVH in a box?

I tried, But He wouldn't fit!

But Seriously, this is a classic rock style distortion with a slight twist.. It's gain, will go down into the overdrive range, and back up to the distortion range without losing any of your great tone. the pedal will still sound like whatever guitar you play through it! so Your Strat, will still sound like a strat. a very pickup/amp sensitive pedal so you can KEEP your tone.

True Bypass 3PDT switching, means no loss of tone when the pedal is off . Alpha rotationally damped pots for a smooth knob feel that keeps the setting you put it on. Switchcraft input and output jacks , and a military spec. power input jack for long life and years of solid service.

Low component count for the purest tonality, and a die cast aluminum housing for years of roadworthy abuse!

Color your sound... brown

Bruce Bennett Music Labs (2006)

The classic Brown Sound Distortion /OD pedal.

Sold more than 500 of these.

These sold for 159.00 originally

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