Bruce Bennett Music Labs Boost-E-A


Bruce Bennett Music Labs (2006)

Smooth warm and plenty of bounce, nuff said.

these sold for 129.00 0riginally and only 50 were made.

Bruce Bennett Music Labs (2004)

The Boost-e-a has an overall "warm tone" with just enough boost to push your amp over the top.

Classified as a Clean booster, with a unique "Tilting Tone" control that allows you to boost Bass OR Trebles... or you can boost everything equally.

With the Tilting Tone control at the 12:00 position, It has a 3db spike at 1.2 K that I use as a "fulcrum point" to "balance" the flat frequency response.

By turning the tone control clockwise you boost trebles and drop bass frequencies, by turning the tone control counter-clockwise you boost bass frequencies while dropping trebles.

This is a silicon based booster for the cleanest signal. a great booster for tube amps. adds nothing but clean, clear, gain to your amp, No distortion of it's own. only pure tone.

Upon request, I can install Germanium transistors for that slightly overdriven/fuzzy tone

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