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The Anderton Tube Sound Fuzz has been the inspiration for a lot of pedals. Two of these pedals are the Way Huge Red Llama and the Tonefactor/Mojo Hand Mule. I picked up a Mule a while back, and I loved it. It seems to be the perfect middle ground pedal. With lower gain settings, it plays like an overdrive. With medium settings, it feels like a rough edged distortion. With high gain, it feels like a fuzz.

I had one issue, though; it was a little thin or bright. I changed a couple caps and I loved the difference. When I saw that General Guitar Gadgets had began making a Red Llama kit, I bought one for myself, built it up with my preferred component value, and added a low pass filter style tone control. This has become my main distortion/drive pedal, and a bunch of my friends liked it as well. I'm still trying to come up with the perfect tone control circuit.

As time has passed, I keep loving this circuit for guitar. In addition, I've found that it absolutely rocks on bass, and have had many bass players commend the sound of this pedal.

I hope you dig it as much as I do.

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