Benado Effects PB-1Pro Effects Pedal Board



Benado Effects (press release January 1, 2016)

Benado Effects, Peterson Strobe Tuners join musical forces acclaimed analog pedal boards now have onboard Stomp Classic Tuner.

Elizabethtown, KY – Benado Effects, maker of world-renowned analog pedal boards, has recently partnered with the popular mainstay Peterson Strobe Tuners to include the Stomp Classic in its pedalboards. Benado Effects is currently taking pre-orders on PB1-Pro, and "Lazar" Analog modulation board. In the future, (date is not set yet), the Stomp Classic will be available on all models, including the PF Steel Dream, named after legendary pedal steel player and endorsee, Paul Franklin.  For the new year, boards may be ordered at a special discounted rate. 

Proprietor Sage Benado began his company with the goal of paring down his own guitar rig.  “Why can't I have a box that will have all my great sounding pedals all wired in and all I need is my guitar and my box. …Analog pedals, all handmade, hand-wired, each unit is assembled like it was my own, with care and lots of love. It's the basics that every guitar player needs for playing live or at the recording studio.”  In addition to Paul Franklin, renowned musicians/artists who can be seen playing Benado Effects pedalboard include Vince Gill, Brent Mason, Randy Kohrs, Dion DiMucci, Richard Bennett, Andy Reiss and many more. 

Now, the units will be even more complete with the The Peterson Strobo Stomp Classic Tuner, the most fully-featured pedal tuner made by anyone to date.

Peterson Tuners (press release December, 12, 2015)

Peterson announces partnership with Benado Effects, select strobe tuners will be built into to custom pedalboards 

Alsip, Illinois, USA - 12/7/2015 – Peterson Tuners has agreed to partner with Benado Effects incorporating  their Stomp Classic strobe tuner into select offerings from Benado's boutique, analog pedalboard models. The partnership is a first for Peterson. However, as Benado products share the same common ideals in terms of "innovation for players", the agreement felt natural. 

"They have a reputation of being innovative and so do we", says Pat Bovenizer, V.P. of Peterson Tuners. "Offering our customers high-quality solutions that will make their lives easier on stage and in the studio is definitely something we can identify with and are truly excited to be a part of."

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