Beigel Sound Lab


Beigel Sound Lab was formed by Mike Beigel in 1971 and provided product prototypes of musical products.

The first prototypes of a unique synthesizer and "Timbre Generation" filter bank were produced for Guild musical instruments by Mike Beigel and Isidor Straus. Then Mike Beigel set up Beigel Sound Lab to finish the production engineering and final prototypes. Shortly afterwards, Guild's president Al Dronge was killed in an airplane crash and Guild dropped the synthesizer project. Mike Beigel produced a prototype envelope controlled filter from some components of the original Guild synthesizer, then formed Musitronics Corp and invented the Mu-Tron III and other products. In 1978 Musitronics was sold to ARP instruments and Mike re-started Beigel Sound Lab to provide musical product design services on a consulting basis.

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