Behringer VM1 Vintage Time Machine - Delay/Echo/Chorus/Vibrato


  • Level
  • Mix
  • Feedback
  • Delay
  • Chorus/Vibrato
  • Chorus/Vibrato (slide switch)
  • Power Off/On (slide switch)



Introducing the Classic VINTAGE TIME MACHINE VM1 from BEHRINGER

The VINTAGE TIME MACHINE VM1 effects pedal got its name with good reason. It features an awesome combination of classic effects that have stood the test of time.

The VM1 boasts with effects that include chorus, vibrato and delay. With up to 550 ms of organic analog echo, it sounds just like your vintage tape delay. Dial in the sounds of the 1970s with this fantastic piece of gear and let your sounds travel comfortably back in time, leaving the struggle with nasty tape loops and worn-out mechanical gear behind you. A status LED for effect On/Off is included, plus there is a true hard-wire bypass for ultimate signal integrity.

Travel back in time and get carried away by vintage analog effects!


myFXDB user reviews

3 reviews, average score of 7.17 / 10

2015-11-126.5/10  Good for the price...
2014-01-257/10  great dark vintage delay soundself oscillation starts early, big housing, a friend of mine put two VTM1 into one housing for stereo operation!
2013-11-158/10  ......

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