Behringer UO300 Ultra Octaver


  • Direct
    controls the volume of the direct, uneffected tone.
  • Oct 1
    controls the volume of a signal 1 octave below the input signal
  • Oct 2
    controls the volume of a signal 2 octaves below the input signal
  • Track Lo/Mid/Hi
    switches between different frequency ranges for optimal tracking.



Introducing the Sonorous ULTRA OCTAVER UO300 Effects Pedal from BEHRINGER

Fatten up your tone with a couple extra octaves of absolutely obese bottom end. The UO300 adds extra depth and rich fundamental subtones whenever you crave a thicker sound.

You'll love how much control this pedal gives you versus other octave boxes. The soon-to-be-classic UO300 features separate controls for varying the amount of Direct Tone, Octave 1 and Octave 2 inject. Octave 1 has a High / Mid / Low Range switch for tweaking the band center of the octave effect. The UO300 incorporates a bright blue LED to indicate power status and battery condition—you can't miss it even on a bright, sunny outdoor stage—plus a sturdy footswitch which preserves signal integrity in bypass mode. Run the UO300 on a 9 V battery or our BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply, giving you added flexibility on stage or in the studio.

Help stomp out skinny tone. Get an OCTAVER UO300 effects pedal and go deep.


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2015-05-115/10  Buen sonido.No tiene octavas agudas, por ende en los registros graves del bajo se satura el sonido.

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