Behringer DW400 Dynamic Wah / Human Voice



Introducing the Remarkable DYNAMIC WAH DW400 Effects Pedal from BEHRINGER

Jack into the DW400 and get that distinctive effect used by so many guitarists since the early ‘60s. We did it by applying the processing power of our unique RSM digital signal processor.

The DW400 is an auto-wah effects pedal that can be manually controlled via tap-tempo mode or turned loose on its own. It features individual controls for Synth/Up/Down, Human Voice and Tap Tempo Modes, Vowel (A/E/I/O/U) Sensitivity, Manual Vowel selection and Decay, letting you apply all kinds of wild modulation to your guitar's tone. The revolutionary Real Sound Modeling (RSM) technology gives this pedal a sound quality unheard of before. A bright blue LED indicates power status and battery condition. The DW400 footswitch is ultra-strong for years of use—and preserves signal integrity when in bypass mode. And with a 9 V battery or our BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply, you can run the DW400 effects pedal wherever you are.

Looking for a new effects pedal? Then choose the DW400 with its classic wah effects and unbelievable talking sounds.

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