Behringer BOD100 Bass Overdrive



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  • High
  • Gain
  • Bal (Dry-OD)



Get rich, tube-like distortion, smooth sustain and super-fat tone! Here's an overdrive pedal that supports the entire frequency range of bass guitars, even 5 & 6-stringers. Unlike some of the competition's pedals (which are often just glorified guitar pedals), the BOD100 was designed specifically for bass—so the bottom won't drop out when you pull the trigger.

One of BOD100's coolest features is its Balance control, which lets you mix the overdriven signal with your natural bass sound for superb clarity, punch and extraordinary character.

BOD100's overdriven tones range from a slight grind to the syrupy-thick sound of a tube stack just before meltdown. You also get exceptional tone sculpting, thanks to an onboard 2-band EQ, so you won't have to worry about your low “B” getting lost in the mix.

The BOD100 offers more features than anything in its class—and it won't hurt your finances! From its easy-to-use controls, to its noise-free On/Off switch, the BEHRINGER BOD100 will keep you solidly in the zone.


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