Behringer AM100 Acoustic Modeler



  • Mode
  • Level
    controls the output volume of the effect
  • Enhance
    controls the top frequencies (higher harmonics?)
  • Res
    controls the amount of resonance of the body



The AM100 is a compact effects pedal that accurately simulates an acoustic guitar on a standard electric guitar. This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market. “Unplug” instantly with a simple stomp of a pedal! The flexible 4-mode switch lets you choose between authentic acoustic simulations: standard, large, piezo and bright. Two individual outputs enable easy switching between electric and acoustic guitar sounds when using two separate amps. We've included a status LED for effect On/Off and battery check, and you can run your AM100 on a 9 V battery or a DC power supply (not included). For absolutely noise-free operation, a first-class electronic On/Off switch is integrated.


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