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A long time coming, the Uber Bee is finally here…. the result of much research and feedback over the years. The Uber Bee expands the range of the Honey Bee, while still hitting the classic Bee tones.

If you are happy with your current Bee, then you probably don't need the Uber… But, if you ever wished the Bee could be cleaner, brighter or stronger and dirtier, then we have something for you.

The biggest suprise is the expanded range down. Yes the Uber actually starts a little cleaner and this is the tastiest warm clean boost I've heard – didn't even know it was there, and then you can run up the treble control and get a really nice honey colored clean … but with the treble knob down all the way it starts off with the slight extra warmth of the original BJFe HB and goes up from there to unity treble – meaning that if you want, your Bee and Clean tones can have the same treble for those that don't like the dropping blanket sound you can hear with bright speakers….

Dirt – oh yeah, this is an overdrive…… with the Drive knob all the way down it starts at the new Honey clean and rolled to about 10 oclock you match the max dirt of the Honey Bee and then it continues up to about twice dirt density... (if you want more dirt than that, you probably should just get a Honey Beest or Dyna Red… or my favorite, pre-boost it with a Rooster )

The Honey Beest is a different beast — it has the preamp and different EQ for running at medium and high gain — the Uber covers the ground between the two.

Same 5 ~ 15 volts and very low battery drain as the rest of the drives ….

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