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Bearfoot FX

The Red Rooster Booster adds about 33db of guitar friendly,, unbuffered boost to your signal. Thats about the same as adding a preamp tube stage to your amp. The RRB intentionally adds more gain in the upper mids, that guitars need to cut through a mix… while also adding some presence to keep from turning the sound murky.

This was Ken Fishers' favorite booster and he even built a Trainwreck amp to work perfectly with it (named Songwriter, the one Brad Paisley records and tours with) … Ken likened the Rooster variations to swapping out different brands of preamp tubes.

  • Rooster number 1 is the current BJFe version – strong, bold and balanced …
  • Rooster number 2 is a little warmer and rounder with a little less upper mid push, perhaps best for cleaner boosting …
  • Rooster number 3 is the boldest of all and I like this best for overdriving a dirt pedal or dirty amp…

You could make many analogies like coffee strengths (mild, strong, espresso) or groups of fruit flavors (strawberry, cherry and raspberry) … while you will probably like any of them, you will also probably have a favorite depending on your application.

As we think these are among the very best boosters we've ever heard – we have lowered the price so many more people can afford to try a Rooster in their rig…

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