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Bearfoot FX

The Pink Purple Fuzz. Is it Pink (Floyd) ? Is it Purple (Haze)? Is it fuzz? Is it distortion ? Is it overdrive ? ... It IS the original Fuzzdrive and after 10 years as a revered BJFe model, the PPF is resurrected as a BearFoot model. Take all the fuzztones from the 60s and 70s - the crazier octaves and gates and spitty chainsaw tones are in the Candy Apple Fuzz. The PPF houses all the useful daily fuzztones that you will immediatly know what to do with ~ Jimi to Neil to Trower to Montrose and then it also blurs the line between fuzz, distortion and overdrive all the way down to just barely gritty edgy tones ... PPF is very high gain and very low "noise" The Middle knob is a very versatile EQ control that will take you through a whole range of useful fuzztones. High gain - Low noise - LED - regular 9v adapter - unaffected by pedals around it ~ does not give a rats' ass where it is in the chain unlike most fuzzes.

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