Bearfoot FX Burgundy Bosshorn Fuzz


This one's been floating around Bjorn's head for a couple of decades... a pedal that would approach the sound and odd behaviors of the medieval Crumhorn... a unique sort of distorted double-reed clarinet that was substituted for trombones in days of old.

He started with the old Jordan Bosstone circuit and bent it to his needs. Yeah, this one's a little odd... but strangely enough, in the lower ranges, it's actually a great low-to-medium dynamic fuzz drive. Volume, Fuzz, Bass and Treble controls give it a wide range to cover tasty, touch-sensitive dirt splashes all the way up to beautifully grotesque fuzz morphs... yes, it's fun... and the paint is see-through and flip-flop and there's just no way to get that in a single pic.

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