Beard Custom Reverber - Reverb with FX Loop


Beard Custom

It`s a reverb pedal with a loop for processing tails.

Turn the knobs, fly away into space, look at hypno-man!

You can put any other pedal into loop and you`ll get a completely new sounds.

For example, if you`ll put into loop an octaver pedal you can get interesting sounds, similar to Shimmer sounds, with Wah-Wah pedal you can get smthg like sounds of water drops, with delay in loop you can get a hard stoned space endless feedback.

It has five control knobs: [volume] / [tone] / [looplevel] / [dwell] / [mix].

By the dint of the knob [dwell] you can screw sounds from spring to space reverb. 

This pedal has in/out 1/4 TRS jacks & two 1/4 TRS jacks on a loop, the possibilities of sounds are limited only by your imagination!


  • True bypass
  • Power voltage: 9 V
  • Current consumption: 70 mA
  • Dimensions: 120x95x50 mm
  • Weight: 0,5 kg 

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