BBE DI-1000 Active/Passive Direct Inject Box


Sonic Maximizer

  • Lo Contour
  • Process
  • In/Out
  • Active/Passive
  • Pad (0/-15/-30)



The DI-1000 is perfect for touring sound applications and recording studios, yielding excellent results with active or passive bass guitars, keyboards, and both acoustic and electric guitars. The DI-1000 is the ultimate means for transferring musical instrument signals direct to a mixing console.

The DI-1000 is a high quality direct box with applications both in the recording studio and on the road, designed to withstand the most demanding situations. It can operate as either a passive impedance matching device via the Jensen JT-DB-EP transformer, or as an active DI where the Sonic Maximizer circuit can be engaged with the signal still balanced at its output by the Jensen transformer.

Above all, the DI-1000 was designed without compromise, with paramount imporance placed on maintaining the highest sonic integtity. No competitive high-end DI unit can deliver the clear, pure and natural sound that the DI-1000 can.

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