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Faithful reproduction of Dallas Rangemaster treble booster made famous by some of rock's most legendary axemen.

BBE’s Bohemian Treble Boost pedal is patterned after a rare treble booster produced in the mid-'60s that gave many famous players, like Brian May, Tony Iommi, Marc Bolan and Rory Gallagher, the ability to add sustain and overdrive to their favorite guitar amplifier. The Bohemian is a faithful reproduction of the venerable Dallas Rangemaster treble booster, which was often paired with the Vox AC30TB guitar amplifier, in fact the standard combination for Queen’s Brian May was a Rangemaster run into an AC30TB.The BBE Bohemian, named to pay tribute to Brian May, delivers that distinctive tone.


  • Adds sustain
  • Fattens and overdrives amp
  • Hardwire bypass
  • Vintage treble boost circuit
  • Single op-amp design
  • LED indicator
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Easy-access 9V battery compartment

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