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Bayger Unistortion is unique universal distortion pedal for guitar, bass, or other instrument. Setting the distortion intensity is performed by two interdependent potentiometer Drive and Gain. The main distortion character is setting by use of the three position switch. This allows you to select one of three types of diodes that change the overall character of the distortion and tone Germanium (boost-position), silicon (dist-position) Led (over-position)

Furthermore, the effect can be adjusted three bass levels also using the three-position switch.

It is possible to connect a guitar with passive and active pickups. The input level is set by default to passive pickups, but if you want to use an active sensor, or you want to lower input gain - open the back cover of the effect and inside is a special "jumper" - disconnecting get lower input level. Corrections are solved by tuning circuitry for a balanced response. For large distortions when are generated sharper harmonics there is a function cutting height/trebles - Potentiometer CUT - that is located behind the second stage Gain. Another effect option is to use a permanent CUT, which is inside of box and its located behind the first gain stage in the circuit  - with using jumper inside the effect you can connect or disconnect this option.

The whole effect is designed with high dynamics and transfer any sound that goes through it, ie. each guitar sounds after his / original and retains its unique original color and that is reflected in the distortion, which can vary very widely Drive and Gain knobs and set in relation to sustain, shape and dynamics Attack / Picking tone very different options.

Unistortion is really unique Distortion Pedals for a wide variety of music with a highly professional sound.

The effect is totally True Bypass.

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