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Belongs to Bayger profi series offering high-quality small series effects built with care. It is designed for musicians seeking uncompromising sound quality and wide parameter range. Features of this effect is used to modulate the volume of your signal. The signal processing provides the world of classic analog and modern processor technology. Effect circuit is made of a quality components and is hidden in a massive metal chassis.


  • Two quality footswitches (4PDT true bypass switch for switching the effect on / off and the second switch is a TAP / Program)
  • Four vintage potentiometers
  • One three-position switch
  • Input and output jack
  • 9 V plug for power adapter 2.1 center pin negative like standard BOSS type.
  • Two LEDs (Yellow indicate turn effect On/Off and the second LED indicate with Red lights Taprate position of potentiometer and with Blue lights when Tap the program Rate with switch)

Setting the effect:

  • select with 3 position switch modulation wave: SIN(sine), TRI(triangle), SQU(rectangle)


  • RATE - speed oscillation.
  • SYMMETRY - for setting the shape of the modulation wave, which is an essential priority for this effect, which is common to a number of studio devices.
  • DEPTH - modulation depth.
  • VOLUME - mix effect and a clean signal.
  • Allows very creative and unusual ways of modulation and effect makes this absolutely top facilities for this audio editing.
  • Footswitch on right side allow you to turn the effect on/off - determine the Yellow LED diode above the potentiometers Rate and Symmetry.
  • Footswitch on the left side is for TAP the Rate. This is different time from that set with potentiometer Rate. It enables musicians to tune tempo while play. Press the Tap switch two times in desired rhythm, for return pres the Tap switch one time. The setting is shown in the double way LED flashing. Red LED flashing determine rate tremolo set with potentiometer RATE and Blue LED flashing determine rate set with the TAP footswitch.


  • Guitar floor effect
  • Type: Tap Tremolo
  • Analog / Digital
  • Controls: Rate, Depth, Symmetry, Volume, Sin, Tri, Squ, Tap, On/Off
  • Mono input and output
  • Power supply: 9 V / 2,1center pin negative, NO BATTERY POWER.

This effect offers high dynamic and frequency range and allows a wide musical and instrumental usability. Sound is traditionally prepared and fully analog with a modern processor controlled setting method. Bayger Tap Tremolo is excellent offering a wide range of sound with simple controls. Acoustic variability of this effect is extremely high.

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