Bayger Buffer



Bayger Buffer is active impedance converter from high to low, is equipped with GAIN potentiometer, that allows to amplify the signal up to once.

Due to the transition resistances of jacks, effects, or due to long cables is lost in the sound of your instrument from the original audio signal over a full dynamic range - treble, bass, middle. Bayger BUFFER prevent these losses and the sound drops in your signal chain between the instrument and amplifier.

Recommend placing the Bayger BUFFER into position as close to your instrument. With Bayger BUFFER enjoy natural, clear and bright sound attak and dynamics of your guitar as if you were directly connected to the amplifier!

Technical description:

  • Guitar pickups have a relatively high impedance. Therefore, all the guitar amps and effects have an input resistance of about 1 Mohm. Therefore, transmission of sound from these pickups via a high impedance is very sensitive to noise parasitic capacitance. BUFFER is the impedance converter is adapted to the guitar input (1 MOhm) and output impedance is less than 1 kOhm. This eliminates the use of buffers are capacitances and cable jacks, and thus also greatly reduce the loss of sound your instrument. The classification will be surprised BUFFER increased clarity and brilliance of sound guitars.

  • Power supply 9V battery or 9V AC adapter (2,1 center pin negative).

  • Effect still draws energy when jack is pluged to IN socket and the switch is in the position OFF. To total switch off the effect it is necessary to removed jack from the IN socket.

  • Guitar effect BAYGER is made of sheet steel and withstand rough handling.

  • Hand made in Ostrava / Czech Republic / EU

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