BassLab is run by Heiko Hoepfinger (founder and CEO) in Kassel, Germany.

    Timeline (by Heiko Hoepfinger)

    • 1994: started doing the first prototype, while working on the fuel cells for an orbital glider for the doctor-thesis.
    • 1997: first customer instruments and a professional workspace.
    • 2000: frst Frankfurt Musikmesse appeareance and first reviews.
    • 2001: first series guitars.
    • 2003: cooperation with Stick Enterprises and first electronics with Richter Electronics (bass preamps).
    • xxxx: introducing several new bass shapes and guitar models.
    • 2009: introducing two new guitar models: Theta and Jinmoid.
    • 2010: introducing the Nylon Jinmoid-guitar series with newly developed piezo transducer, preamps and optional MIDI.
    • 2011: extending the Nylon series to all our guitars.

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