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Based on the Univox square wave. I repaired an original a couple years ago and liked the way it sounded but thought it could be more. The original sounds cool as a nasty fuzz but that's about it. The tone control was pretty meh so I scraped it. I added variable clipping and gain as well as a fuzz knob and a clipping toggle switch to take the diodes out of the circuit altogether.

By itself the transistors distort nicely and the pedal cleans up very well. I was amazed how much nice overdrive I could get from the circuit and then dial it up to a fat distortion and even further to a raging fuzz beast. There are two sets of diodes selectable with the toggle switch, and then "off" which disables the diodes and clamp knob altogether.

So all in all you can get a LOUD lightly distorted boost all the way up a sizzly spitting paint peeling fuzz.

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