Barokah Effector Drive 900


Barokah Effector

You may found a lot of Overdrive / Distortion pedals has awesome gain stage out there, but only few of them has comprehensive option to generate your signature tone, and Drive 900 has it. Whether you need more gain, tight low-end response, a british midrange, or a thick and juicy lead tone, Drive 900 will lead you to get there. In Sillicon mode, you get the “Mild tube” Over Drive style that's great to response your dynamic picking, but the “punch” is still appear. While in LED mode, Drive 900 will deliver you to an extra gain, a thick and juicy bottom end, and clear high frequency that are perfect for your lead note. Mid control has it own unique feature that will add “Depth” in fully Counter Clock Wise  position, and turn to “British” mid style when you boost to Clock Wise position. Bass, and Treble control also has great contribution to giving you the “detailed” string definition. And the last thing that you shouldn’t forget, this badass will not rip off your wallet compared to our build quality and the rugged construction that you needed as a partner for your everyday gigs.


  • Dynamic gain stage (from Mild Drive to Heavy Drive response)
  • Control : Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Level, Pre Gain (Bottom Trimpot)
  • Two optional Clipping stage, Silicon-For Smooth Drive, and LED-For Heavy Drive
  • Dynamic “MID” section, from Modern to Vintage Shaping
  • Raw “non-finishing” sheet metal enclosure with thick Aluminium Panel
  • Heavy Duty “True Bypass” switching
  • Hand selected components
  • 2 year warranty
  • MSRP US$135


  • Input impedance : >1M ohm
  • Output impedance : <10K ohm
  • Voltage operation : 9-18VDC (Negative Center)
  • Internal 9V Battery Supply
  • Shipping Weight : 450gr (approx 1Lbs)
  • Shipping Dimensions : 10cm X 15cm X 6cm (Wide X Long X Height)

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