Barge Concepts VFB-X Variable Feedback / Bypass Looper


Barge Concepts

This expression pedal update to our Variable Feedback and Blend/Buffer/Bypass looper features unique active opto-isolator technology to provide dynamic foot control to the stock VFB Clean Blend and Feedback Blend controls, as well as internal DIP switches to fine tune the response sweep for compatability with a number of industry standard expression pedals.

The VFB-X is a fully buffered True Bypass loop with Clean Blend control and a foot-switchable variable Feedback Blend. The VFB-X uses audio grade Burr Brown op-amps to buffer the Send and Receive signals to improve signal strength over long pedal chains and cable runs and minimizes “tone sucking” from vintage and mass-produced effects. The Clean Blend control mixes your clean/direct signal with the output of the effects loop, while the Feedback Blend circuit controls the amount of Receive signal that is fed back to the Send jack.

The watchword of the VFB series is unparalleled versatility. Whether you simply need a signal buffer or true bypass looper , want to add a blend control to your favorite stompbox, or are ready to start exploring the endless possibilities of feedback looping, the VFB-X has a place in every musicians rig. With its fully buffered signal path, complete isolation of inputs and outputs, and an intuitive and interactive control set, the VFB-X is in a class by itself in the sometimes confusing world of loopers and buffers.

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