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The VFB-2 is a fully buffered (In, Out, Send, and Receive) looper with a clean blend control and a foot-switchable variable feedback control. The VFB-2 uses audio grade Burr Brown op-amps to buffer the Send and Receive signals to improve signal strength over long pedal chains and minimize “tone sucking” on vintage effects. The "Clean Blend" pot lets you mix your clean signal with the output of the effects loop, and then sends that signal to the buffered Output jack. The feedback control circuit has a potentiometer for controlling the amount of Receive signal that is fed back to the Send jack.

Sound complicated? Not really...

It's a True Bypass loop. Use it to turn on/off multiple pedals at once, keep noisy or tone-sucking pedals out of your signal path, add true bypass to any or all of your pedals without complicated or overpriced modifications.

It's a Blend control. Mix your clean tone with that oscillating delay or your heavy fuzz and distortion sounds. Run a chorus or flanger in the loop of the VFB-2 to add some swirl to your dirt sounds and modulate your delays. It's perfect for Bass and Baritone players that want to use conventional guitar effects, but need to dial in some of their clean instrument signal for improved low end response.

It's a Feedback loop. The feedback circuit takes the signal at the Receive jack and sends some or all of it back to the Send jack, creating sometimes unpredictable, but always interesting new sounds. The blend knob on the feedback loop allows you to determine the amount of signal that is fed back into the loop for more accurate control. Fuzz and dirt boxes will feed back, delays will repeat and oscillate into gigantic walls of sound. Set up the feedback controls to create the sound you want, then use the Clean Blend control to mix as much of it as you want with your original input signal and send it to the Output jack.

It's fully buffered. The VFB-2 uses very low noise, audio grade Burr-Brown amplifiers for all the internal buffers to insure virtually transparent sound across the entire audible spectrum. With all signals buffered, you have a lower impedance signal driving the pedals both in the loop and after your VFB, as well as high impedance inputs to insure that a clear signal passes to the output.
Furthermore, all internal signals are actively blended so that there is absolutely no unexpected interaction between your instrument and your effects.
The VFB-2 is unity-gain and non-inverting throughout. Its full buffering and complete isolation of inputs and outputs puts it in a class by itself in the sometimes confusing world of loopers. We think it's the best looper you can buy at any price.

The VFB-2 shares the same quality parts and construction techniques as other Barge Concepts units (true bypass, pop suppression, etc.). Like the rest of our products, the VFB-2 has been engineered to operate with an input voltage anywhere between 9 and 18 volts, and is equipped with an industry standard DC power jack.

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