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Oh, no - not another dreary clean boost! Well, as is usual at Barge Concepts, we've decided to do things a bit differently. The DB-1 has two independent boosts (Channel 1 and Channel 2), each with its own gain control (0 to 27 dB), a master volume control connected to the output of Channel 2, and an effects loop between the two channels.

Two independent channels means four different volume levels - bypass, Channel One, Channel Two, and Channels One and Two combined. The combination of cascading gain stages and a Master Volume allows you also to use the DB-1 as an overdrive/distortion at any output volume.

The DB-1 was developed with the idea that you deserve to hear your instrument. Too many boosts are bandwidth limited or produce too many distortion products to allow you to hear everything your snazzy new pickups or strings or bridge or whatever you are bringing to the equation. The DB-1, with its flat frequency response, low noise Burr Brown opamps, and low distortion allows you to hear things that the others filter out or mask with excessive noise and distortion. It's called a boost, right? Why should it alter the signal in any way other than boosting it?

The DB-1 uses the same low noise Burr Brown op-amps as our VFB-1 Bypass/Feedback looper, providing extremely low distortion across the entire audio band, insuring that even the furthest-out-there audible harmonics will be preserved and passed on down the signal chain. Of course, when the two channels are wide open and cranked to 11 there is small amount of noise introduced. At anything but egad levels, the DB-1 is quiet and really allows you to hear what your instrument is producing. High impedance inputs with RFI filtering guarantees no tone sucking and provides improved immunity to picking up radio stations. Of course, it's got all the normal stuff too; true bypass (on both channels), pop suppression, quality parts throughout, active LED indicators, etc. Give it a try; you might be surprised at how your instrument really sounds.

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