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The Barge Concepts BB series of fuzz pedals are painstaking recreations of the vintage Roland AF-100 Bee Baa. We've used the best possible materials (Switchcraft jacks, Alpha pots, aluminum enclosures, 1% Metal Film resistors), added LEDs, True Bypass switching, and an external DC power jack to give you the best possible BeeBaa experience - without the hefty vintage price tag!

Everyone loves the BB sound, but not everyone needs the boost, or maybe wants a different boost. Enter the BB-Jr, another exacting duplication of the famed Bee Baa sound, but this time without the boost. Without boost, there's one less switch, one less pot, and quite a bit less space used on your board. We pack it into a 1590BB-size box and keep all the other features the same: LED indicators, high quality parts, and of course, the sound. It's our most popular “BB” unit!

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