Bardel Pedals Super Drive 70's


Bardel Pedals

This is a "3 in 1" pedal designed to capture that 70's tone in a cool portable package! Operates off of a standard Boss style 9v power supply. Hand wired using the best possible components for tone and clarity. Dimensions - (7.4" x 4.7" x 1.3") On board the solid Sparkle White Hammond Aluminum powder coated enclosure you get: 1. Stage 3 Tone Booster - Makes any Amp and Guitar combo sound better! 2. Modified Silicon Type Fuzz - From Hendrix to Early Gilmour. Cleans up with Guitar volume! 3. Bardel Custom Drive - Super smooth Overdrive that bridges the gap between Fuzz and Drive. Excellent 70's tones! Also cleans up with Guitar volume.

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