Barber Launch Pad


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Barber Electronics

This Clean boost also can be used as a DI, buffer, switcher and multi function high headroom analog gain device.


  • Extreme headroom, dynamic, clean boost.
  • Two outputs that represent both + and - phase. This feature allows phase correcting Blackface and Silverface Fender amps, also you will be able to combine the channels for ultra flexibility and combined harmonics of parallel preamps.
  • Main output can be used as a standard unbalanced out or balanced out for interfacing to software guitar programs and recording equipment (balanced or unbalanced DI).
  • The Launch Pad has tremendous clean headroom that makes it an excellent signal buffer from unity gain to 20db boost.
  • Two outputs allow using the Launch Pad as an A/B with separate output levels. This also will allow you to drive separate or parallel effects chains with OD pre-driving from the Launch pad.
  • The Launch Pad can be used as a split to your tuner, this keeps the less than optimum audio performance tuner circuits out of your audio chain for much improved sonics.
  • The internal operating voltage of the Launch pad is 24 volts; this gives far greater headroom than traditional 9-18 volt clean boost pedals. This high voltage internal operation is achieved while still using a standard 9 volt adaptor or battery to power the Launch pad.
  • True bypass.
  • Separate controls for, sensitivity, + output and - output.

This is your "Swiss Army knife" of audio.

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