Barber 1/2 Gainer


David Barber introducing the new Barber Half Gainer (August 12, 2009)

The Barber Half Gainer is the long awaited dual version of our very popular LTD ultra clear low gain overdrive. The Half Gainer adds new features for enhanced live performance. There is a new "mid character" control that simultaneously adjusts the midrange content and shifts the EQ curve to compliment the amount of midrange added or cut! We worked with pedal artist Bronson Wagner to achieve a very upscale graphic and paint presentation. Bronson tastefully applied Art Deco styling on a rich silver vein powder coat, for beauty with significant durability. The sounds that emanate from our new overdrive instrument range from subtle purrs, to an authoritative sweet grind. The Midrange Character control allows you to set the tone control to a nearly flat EQ balance for BIG chords that match your clean tone magnificently, or dial in a sophisticated fatness to thicken your single note lines to perfection.

The Half Gainer has control features that include; two channels with fully independent adjustments of output volume and gain for each channel. This is a tremendous step up from simply boosting schemes often implemented by other pedal companies. There are a shared Tone and Midrange Character adjustments on top the Half Gainer to keep things simple for quick live settings. The Half Gainer also has internal trim pots made by CTS to facilitate bass and presence balancing. The Half Gainer achieves these two independent channels in an enclosure that is only 3.7" wide to save greatly on pedalboard space.

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