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B-Custom brings about a few “new things”, first we have the new Barber Custom shop brand name “B-Custom”, and this signifies products built within the Barber custom shop by Ronni Santmyer. The B-Custom products are smaller runs or even “one off” highly customized audio devices built to accommodate players demanding requests for nuance after nuance, and detail after detail of highly sought after features, sound and build quality. B-Custom carries on the commitment to deliver stellar audio at very musician friendly prices, with a large dealer network throughout the world, and delivery times that have you playing our devices on stage, in the studio or at home, instead of dreaming endlessly about their eventual arrival.

The Custom Cool is the first true B-Custom product and has some new B-Custom features such as:

  • EQ switching- This allows you to have two totally different EQ curves, using only one tone control by simply employing a push/pull switch, we call these “SR EQ” and “Snarl EQ”, the first being quite flat response to preserve your guitar's beautiful tone that you so carefully selected, and the second having a wicked fat midrange of sweet barbed wire with loads of fundamentals, without the silly “hump” sound.
  • Smooth/Crunchy- Yep, just like peanut butter you can have smooth or crunchy sounds with the Custom Cool. This again uses the push/pull method of switching between the well known Barber style smooth tone or a new dynamic/raunchy no holds barred rude presentation, all this in a sophisticatedly tuned, low gain architecture to please the classic tone connoisseur.
  • Internal Trims- These are our familiar, easy to use internal controls that players can use to dial the Custom Cool into their own personal gear, they include- Note shape, Bass, midrange and presence.

The Custom Cool project started when Monster Mike Welch came to us in search of an overdrive to help with rental back-line gigs, where he needed a reliable sounding amp style overdrive pedal, to emulate the sound he gets from his cranked smaller amps he uses for club dates. After sending pedals back and forth and lots of discussion, the first proto of the Custom Cool was born, we have added EQ switching and the smooth/crunchy switching since Mike's early prototype, but the sound we brought together for him is well retained with a few other tweaks added to give ultimate flexibility.

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