Banzai New Rising Sun II Triple Boost


  • Boost 1
  • Preamp On/Off
  • Serial Parallel
  • Boost 2
  • Switch 1
  • Switch 2



The New Rising Sun 2 is the most powerful preamp and boost pedal available today. Your tone will become rounder, more dynamical and sustain will improve - without ANY change to your EQ.

Features: The New Rising Sun 2 features three separate, individually tuneable and switchable boost stages.

The first stage is set up as an ultra high impedance (>5 MegaOhm) buffer / preamp. When switched on it will refuse any current flow from your pickups, enhancing their performance. An internal control allows you to adjust the input impedance of the buffer and preset it's volume gain (from unity gain to 20dB boost).Since this buffer / preamp is independent of the other two boost stages you can leave it on all the time and enjoy the benefits of the high input impedance and a hotter signal running to your amp, or you can true bypass it.

The next two boost channels are individually selectable and tuneable. You have four discrete, predictable volume levels (plus the buffer / preamp boost) at your disposal. You can set up the two boost stages to get you anything from a soft bluesy boost to a crunchy rock or grinding fuzz sound to singing sustain from your amp.

The Series / Parallel switch selects between cascaded operation (Boost 1 is fed directly into Boost 2) and parallel operation. When set to parallel operation the two boost channels are separated (and individual outputs are activated). This means that you have two separate pedals in one box that can be used for example to boost the signal at different points in the signal chain or that can be used with two different amps at the same time.

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