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The New Rising Sun is the preamp - pedal that purists of every musical genre had always wished for. It boosts your signal by more than 25 dB. Owners of vintage - like tube amplifiers as well as owners of new mastervolume amplifiers will love the New Rising Sun; your tone will become more dynamical and the sustain will be longer. Your hands won´t have to work so hard anymore to achieve a good tone, because the pedal lets your guitar sound much rounder and bigger.

At higher boost settings the pedal will help you to naturally overdrive the tubes of your amplifier, making your tone sweet and juicy. The boost knob sets the output volume and how hard the preamp tubes are hit. The drive knob has a very subtle but useful effect: It changes the input impedance of the effect. When turned to the left the input impedance rises by a few MegOhms. This will cure the feared "tone sucking" caused by long guitar cables or by other pedals that load the pickups of your guitar. You can dial in the exact spot where your guitar sounds the freshest (the exact spot will vary depending on the combination of guitars, pickups, amps and cables used). No other pedal I know of has this option.

The pedal has two outputs which allows you to split the signal to two amps. At the same time the current draw is only 3 mA, so one battery will last a very long time. The pedal is great for direct line level recording, too.

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