Banzai Fireball Overdrive 3



The Fireball Overdrive 3 is the best dual overdrive pedal ever made. It is a transparent, yet powerful and raw drive pedal that will make your guitar and amp sing.

The Overdrive knob allows you to dial in anything from light crunch to medium overdriven sounds, which is great for rhythm work. If you turn the Overdrive knob past 12:00 you will get increasingly saturated, silky, singing tube-like overdrive sounds, up to a raw distortion sound. The higher gain sounds get you violin-like tones with lots of sustain and even ordered harmonics. This is great for solo passages.

The Volume can be individually adjusted for the normal channel and the boost channel. In the boost channel you will have the same great tones that you dialed in as in the normal channel. Use the Boost to increase your volume during a solo or to overdrive the tubes of your amp to get singing, tone-dripping sustain, all while retaining your basic sound.

The Compression selector "comp min/med/max" (selectable via a three position rocker switch on the back of the pedal) selects between non-compressed boost, transparent, raw overdrive or compressed, smooth overdrive sounds.

The Tone knob is a powerful active presence control, as found on some amps, that can cut or add higher order harmonics.

The Fireball Overdrive 3 has an active, sweepable Mid-boost / Mid-cut control. Whether you prefer scooped mids, flat mids, a linear frequency response or a large mid-boost - it can be dialed in seamlessly.

The Fireball is constructed very carefully, with the touring artist as well as the occasionally gigging player in mind. It features ultra-brightness LEDs under light enhancing heavy duty Fresnel lens which make the operational status viewable from every angle even on brightly lit stages.

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