Banzai Fireball Overdrive


  • Overdrive
  • Boost
  • Comp (Max/Min/Med)
  • Tone
  • Volume
  • Boost (switch)
  • On/Off



The Fireball is a multi-channel overdrive. You can use it to overdrive your amplifier without compressing your tone; everybody will still hear all the nuances of your playing! The pedal lets you add very tube - like distortion to your tone. It sounds very smooth, unlike other pedals that simply cover up your playing with "dirt".

The first channel allows you to dial in light to medium overdriven sounds, which is great for rhythm work. The "Boost" channel gets you medium to high gain sounds with lots of sustain and even ordered harmonics! This is great for solo passages and you can really make your guitar and amp sing. The gain can be individually adjusted for both the normal and the boost channel.

Furthermore you can select between compression or a clean, uncompressed boost. The Compression / Clean Boost feature can be selected with a toggle switch; the "Normal" and "Boost" channels are activated via a stompswitch. The Tone knob controls the presence and can cut or add higher order harmonics.

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