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The Banzai A/B Box is a professional signal router that allows switching of one input between two outputs or switching between two inputs with one output.

  • This allows you for example to:route one guitar to your choice of two amplifiers
  • switch quickly between two guitars that are connected to one amplifier
  • switch between channel A and B on any two channel amp
  • Switch between an amp and a tuner for silent tuning

The Banzai A/B box was designed to have the purest, cleanest signal path possible with no signal degradation at all.

LED status indicators show at all times which channel is in use. The pedal uses Fresnel lens to amplify and distribute the light. The switching status can be seen from all angles even on brightly lit stages. The lens protect the LEDs from footsteps.

Only high quality components are used: Banzai True Bypass switches for silent switching, custom made enclosures, battery life enhancing ultrabright LEDs and long-life industrial strength jacks.

This device can be powered via a battery or an external power supply. It probably is the smallest device of it's kind available today, saving valuable space on a crowded stage or pedalboard.

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