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Bananana Effects

NIRVANANA is a chaotic guitar synth pedal. It can generate 1 to 4 (!) octaves. 

The tracking speed can be selected by a 3-way toggle switch on the right side (FAST, MID, SLOW). When the switch position is MID or SLOW, the pitch will bend down as soon as your playing note stops.

It can also sequence the octaves with SEQ switch. You can choose the steps of sequencer 2 to 4. 

A toggle switch on the left side can select up/down of the sequencer. 

When the RESET switch is pushed, the sequence starts from step 1. 

The speed of the sequencer can be controlled with an expression pedal.


  • True bypass


  • A standard 9 volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel, no battery option

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