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Welcome the Pink Balls! This guy marks the first foray into the Balls three-knob line, of which there should be many more to come. What is it? It's a distortion. That might sound like a no-brainer, but it's one of those pedals that is definitely not an overdrive and its definitely not a fuzz. It sits in the middle and gives nice, hard-driven tones. This monster will not do the light, blues overdrive of SRV so don't even try. What you will get is thick, soupy, cranked amp sounds. Think Randy Rhodes here.

Controls are Level, which controls the overall output of the pedal, Tone with tames some off the highs off of the signal, and Gain which dials in the overall level of dirt and sustain. Gain and Tone on this one will be quite interactive, as well. The same Balls quality is represented here as it is in all of my pedals. Since this is a more modern circuit, i've gotten a little more modern with the addition of an LED. The enclosures are a glorious bright pink with artwork by the always amazing Chief of Balls Graphics, Mr. Dann Miller.

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